Got ROCK and don't know what to do with it? Why not build a rock wall?


If your property has rock and you wish to remove it we can do that for you using our rock hammer. The crushed rock can be removed from your property or used for landscaping. If the rocks are the right size they make a great-looking retaining wall or rock wall. Should you want a rock wall on your property but have no material we can supply the required rock.

A retaining wall must serve its purpose of holding back earth to keep it from collapsing or eroding. But for most landscaping applications it must also look attractive and complement the surroundings. The retaining wall or rock wall can be integrated into your landscape design and include beds for planting.


 If you've got ROCK, we've got the hammer! Three sizes of rock hammers for all your needs!


Our equipment lineup includes hydraulic hammer/breaker excavator mounted attachments. Breakers are effective in a wide range of demolitions and rock removal.

They can be used for concrete demolition and rock breaking. Depending on the type of rock, breakers can be used instead of blasting resulting in cost savings, minimal vibration, and better control.

We offer several sizes of rock hammers.